Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Week One

This article was originally posted on It has been restructured to fit the goals blog.

I have learned that writing down a goal really does make you more likely to accomplish it so I am going to lay down a foundation to make things happen.

As a kickoff let's talk about the Caffeinated Goals. I want to make a public record of what I hope to accomplish each week. I am blatancy stealing this idea from my close friend and fellow blogger Joshua McKinnon. What good is a goals list without the finger pointing when it fails or the kudos when it succeeds? So with that will be which goals I accomplished, why was I successful, what did I lean, how could I have done better, where did I fall short.

In that vein how have I done so far? Put bluntly - TERRIBLY! To be a little more fair that is only part of the story, I have begun several postings some of which are close to completion and others are just topics and some body.

Well with all that here's the first goal listing:
Let's see how week one goes.

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